Who We Are

Team ReignSearch is a team of talented and creative, driven professionals. Playful and young at heart, but dead serious with our work and our commitment. We are a young business. The Reignsearch team brings you over 50 years of cumulative professional experience in the digital and in the marketing space combined.

Founder Principal, Sangeeta Patil


Sangeeta Patil personifies ingenuity, innovation and sheer determination. She demonstrates in-depth knowledge and management experience in diverse industries; the Engineering Industry as well as in the field of Software Development and IT Services. Sangeeta has worked in consulting engagements across India, Europe and the North America. She brings to the table extensive experience of handling multi-million dollar programs and a passion for marketing.

Discovering the power of inbound marketing in the digital world of today, Sangeeta worked hard to gain deeper knowledge in the space. Equipped with her consulting experience in the global arena, it was time to bring the passion, the knowledge and the experience to work for her clients.

The idea was to strategically design marketing initiatives coupled with agile services that offer clients top-notch and optimum digital marketing solutions.  And, ReignSearch was founded.

Why Internet Marketing?

Sangeeta says, “I strongly believe that Marketing in the Digital World is an equalizer of sorts in achieving the reach and online presence of a brand, whether the business is small, medium or large. At ReignSearch we bring to the table innovative solutions that challenge the status quo. I am passionate about creating and offering sustainable solutions. We leverage opportunities for growth. And, that is fundamental to working with any client. If we do not see ROI or the potential for growth for our client, we do not hesitate to walk away. With internet marketing we not only help clients reach their business goals of brand amplification and revenue growth, but we do it in a sustainable way.”

We design solutions that scale with the growth and needs of the client. Efficient reach, authentic brand communication and service with integrity is the hall mark of ReignSearch.

We make work happen for our team in a manner that allows for flexibility with discipline, for convenience with commitment. Telecommuting is a norm at ReignSearch. Spread across the globe, we leverage some of the best talents and are positioned to achieve incredible ROIs for our clients.

Our Presence

Our main office is in Toronto, Canada. And we also have our office in the IT Park, in Pune, India. We serve customers locally in the two geographies, North America and India. We also offer our services to customers, world-wide.

Our team is far flung across Canada, US, UK and India. Together, we endeavour to drive tremendous growth and profitability for our clients. We are focused on serving small and medium businesses at present. And, we will continue to research, review and strive to adopt new technologies. Our aim is to enhance our range of solutions from simple to sophisticated. We will continue to build expertise, as we scale to serve bigger companies and a larger customer base..

Our Strengths

We believe, strategic thinking and strong consulting skills are our strengths. ReignSearch offers solutions tailored to each client they work with. We are known to achieve one or more of the many positive outcomes based on the objectives laid out at the outset.

  • Increase in Leads
  • Increase in Sales
  • Nifty profits
  • High ROI

How? Get to know what we do: We strive with a no holds barred approach to make the best results happen for you. If we are not a mutual fit, we let you know upfront.

We win when our customers win.


We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

With Ingenuity, Innovation and Sheer Determination