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What does a business need most? But customers! Without customers there is no business. And without leads there are no customers! How do businesses get leads in the digital world?

We know marketing has existed since time immemorial in one form or another. Traditionally businesses would implement their marketing plans through their sales teams in what is called outbound or push marketing. Needless to say, it was rather intrusive and interfering for the recipient of such marketing and equally challenging for the marketer.

Today, with the digital revolution, businesses have a plethora of means and methodologies for marketing at their disposal; the tremendous potential of the internet making it a lethal weapon in the arsenal of marketers.

Search Engine Marketing, together with organic traffic and paid traffic techniques, social media, content marketing and blogs now amplify the brand, drive traffic to the business and get leads, also rightly named as inbound marketing. With the help of the digital and online media, potential customers come looking for your business and they find you. And your business gets valuable, qualified leads.

What ReignSearch Offers

ReignSearch very effectively engages a combination of four or five main components of digital marketing combined with the power of the internet to deliver comprehensive solutions to businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

Without any exaggeration or overstatement, SEO by far is one the most important means of securing organic traffic to your business. It is neither quick nor cheap, but one of the most effective in the long run.

We offer full range SEO services with highly effective strategies and quality work that drives significant outcomes for the long term.

  • On-Page optimization
  • Off-page optimization including –
    • Citations
    • Social Bookmarks
    • Back Links
  • Blog Services – Content creation, posting and distribution

Pay Per Click

Google AdWords is your tap on tap off mode of traffic generation. This means of advertising with keyword research can start driving traffic instantly by putting your brand in front of potential customers when they are looking for it.

We do pay per click, Google AdWords and also FB Ads

Some long-term strategies to dominate the web and drive traffic to your business include such paid Ad platforms

Costs include: Our services + Google / FB platform costs

ROI is the key factor in any traffic and leads strategy put forth by ReignSearch

Consult with us for the best way forward

Blog Services

Industry statistics clearly point to several business benefits of blogging. Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages, 97% more inbound and indexed links. A company blog has more long term ROI than traditional marketing efforts.
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Blogs require focused content creation driving value for your customers and website visitors. We can offer fully managed blog services or simply help you get started with great topics and engaging titles for your blog posts.

If you wish to try your hand at it but need some help with topics and titles, ask for 3 months’ free list of blog topics for your company. Or call ReignSearch for our Blog Services.

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