Social Media Services


The quote quite sums up the purpose of social media for any business marketing.

Users having access to the internet make for half the population of the world. Statistics of active users of social media is not far behind considering all social media platforms available today.

With such staggering potential for reach at their disposal can any business wanting to grow with online advertising, afford to ignore social media platforms?

At the same time, it is not that absolute numbers alone matter. What truly counts is the customized delivery of relevant content to maximize the ROI.


B2C Business: Food Services, Restaurants, Cafés, Personal Services or Personal Care industry like the personal trainers, therapists, chiropractors, salons, spas, and dentists.

B2B Business: Manufacturing, Construction and Facility Management Services,  Tech Services, and Taxes and Accounting

These are the niches we work with. 


ReignSearch extends just the right tooling for social media management services. With these tools, you have the option to start exploring the possibilities with social media and growing your brand. Or you can secure services of ReignSearch for content creation, management, and social posts, while you focus on your core business with an optimum level of governance.

The Right Tools.
The Right Solution.

At ReignSearch we offer social media services to drive traffic to your business, to build your brand, capture leads, convert sales and also continue customer conversations and engagement. We believe in focus. We do more with less.

Posts and Engagement

At a stage in business, you want to handle your own posts. Engage with your customers and represent your brand. For all our DIY Clients, we bring you a free social media management dashboard that gives you the facility to publish your posts.

Upgrade for a small monthly fee and get unlimited access.

With our Dashboard, we support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Telegram, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat

Social Media Management

You may be pre-occupied with your day to day business, serving your clients and managing your operations. You need support in creating, curating and posting content to your social media, so your brand stays in front of your customers at all times.

You can engage ReignSearch for social media management.

We only need you to complete your company profile so we understand your business, to represent it on social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms have immense potential to segment and target the segmented audience. This is possible with paid advertisements. From getting followers, to reaching products and services to a targeted potential clientele, driving actions to capture leads and secure sales; social media platforms have the capabilities to draw traffic, build the brand and convert. ReignSearch does Facebook advertisements for local businesses.

Besides Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest posts and engagements via the Social Media Dashboard, for generating inbound traffic ReignSearch also handles YouTube and Google+.

Depending on the needs and requirements of your business, ReignSearch can scale from the DIY (Do it yourself) to DYF (Done for you) options of services and solutions.

You take the call, what scale you wish to go with for your business.


We do flexible contracts. We do not bind you to long term contracts. If for any reason, you wish to discontinue our services, you can give 30 days’ notice and conclude our services.

Rest assured, your success is our commitment.


We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

With Ingenuity, Innovation and Sheer Determination