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With BANK The #1 Personality Sales System

Business Development Executives

Does your organization consistently meet its sales and growth goals? Are you looking to enhance the performance of your sales and business development team?

Business owners, Sales professionals and Entrepreneurs

Did you know that according to 87% of sales professionals do not feel prepared for their appointments and 66% of customers feel turned off by sales presentations? Do you sometimes or oftentimes feel, “I thought I had cracked this deal, but for some reason the prospect walked away” and you could not close the deal?

Or you may be a seasoned sales professional, looking to further enhance sales performance?

In either case, you need to stop and take a look at the #1 BANK Personality Sales System.

BANK™ can not only supercharge your sales, you could do much more in sales, in marketing, in building relationships and making authentic connections in your professional and in your personal life. And, build your business and give your business growth a tremendous momentum.

What is the BANK system?

BANK™ is the only methodology and personality sales system in the world that is scientifically validated to accurately predict buying behavior in real time. For those not in sales, replace sales with influence. BANK™ is an acronym for the four different personality types; Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge.

Not only has BANK™ been well tested in the market, but as a result of introducing this revolutionary product, BANKTM adoption is growing rapidly globally and BANK now has users in over 180 countries across the world!


“How is BANK different?”, you may ask:

Yes, amidst all the personality systems on the market, BANK initially looks the same or similar. However it is completely different! All other tools help you understand your own personality and behavior patterns and are rooted in psychology, while BANK reverse engineers the other person’s personality and is based in BUYOLOGY, the science of buying behavior.


What is BANKCODE™?

BANK code is you personality code in BANK; the specific sequence of the 4 personality types that make up your personality. And this BANKCODE assessment takes less than 90 seconds to complete. No long questionnaires to fill. Sounds too good to be true?

We invite you to attend our Master Class where we introduce you to this unique system in the world that has been scientifically validated by none other than San Francisco State University.

Contact us for our webinar schedule or ask for the White Paper that was published by San Francisco State University.

We offer:

  1. Free Masterclass ‘WHY THEY BUY’
  2. BANKPASS subscription to crack unlimited prospect codes
  3. CodeBreaker AI Subscription to reverse engineer prospect conversations
  4. BANK Training courses

BANK personality sales training offers three signature courses:

  • BANK Fundamentals™
  • BANK Speed Coding™
  • BANK Power Scripting™

We can train the BANK system live, classroom style by a licensed and certified trainer, or online via our state-of-the-art virtual training platform, BANKcodeVT™.

Online training is available for individuals and companies.

  1. Opportunities:Besides all the tools, technology solutions and the training we offer, we are also looking for top leaders, trainers, speakers and sales professionals who want take up an opportunity to potentially make a minimum of $8000 to $1000 a month.

If you or anyone you know, is looking for an opportunity to launch and grow a market, please contact us.

The opportunity to become a certified and licensed Trainer or a Coach of BANK is open now.

If you want to schedule training or learn more about the TRAINER / COACH Opportunities with BANK, contact us now?

You need the question answered – What’s in it for me?

If you are a Corporate Organization:

BANK can be applied in almost all areas of your organization

  • HR that is dealing with recruitment, development and management of talent
  • Managers building high performance teams
  • Trainers and Speakers engaging their audience
  • Marketing working on marketing campaigns or writing copy for their new sales collaterals geared towards an inside or outside sales team
  • Sales team looking to engage with new prospects lined up for the day and stepping into the meeting with huge confidence to effectively present and walk away with more closed deals
  • Customer care serving their clients

BANK has the tools for everyone.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or a sales professional, you can:

  • Close more deals
  • Get more referrals
  • Build long term relationships with your potential clients authentically and efficiently
  • And yes of course you can balance and refine all your marketing copy

To learn how to use the BANK tools like the BANKPASS, Codebreaker AI and the cards join our free webinar. Take the 90s assessment and sign up for our webinar.

Sign up for our free ‘WHY THEY BUY’ webinar now

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee income levels. Income will be in proportion to your efforts.

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