Strategy is only as good as its results.

As a marketing firm, ReignSearch Toronto aims to know and understand their clients. With every engagement, we appreciate the goal of our customer. We study the competition. We assess the status of online presence of our customer.

With the background and context of the environment and an understanding of the goals and objectives, we arrive at the strategy for the most optimum approach to marketing.

Central to ReignSearch Strategy is the ROI. All focus is on prioritising execution with early ROI in mind. Sometimes strategy even suggests what not to do so as to not throw good money after bad.


All client engagement of ReignSearch starts with strategy.

With strategy driving the plan and priorities for the business, there is clarity regarding the expected benefits and hence the ROI. This is fundamental to all marketing consulting of ReignSearch.

ReignSearch’s three steps to building the marketing strategy are –

Goals and Competition Assessment

Client goals and objectives define the requirements of marketing initiatives. And knowing the competition is key to arrive at a plan to dominate competition.

The step also clarifies more granular parameters like time lines and the specific products and services the business would like to sell more of.

Tools, Solutions and Planning

The plan outlines all resources including tools, solutions and people with the time lines and priorities. Recommendations are often made to not implement certain tactics.

When deciding upon prioritization, early ROI is key. And as Peter Drucker notes – “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

Expected Benefits and ROI Estimation

The purpose of Strategy is to identify efficient and effective methods of marketing resulting in early and maximum ROI for the business.

As implementation happens, the nature of digital marketing allows for monitoring results and tweaking execution for further improving the ROI.

An agile approach to implementation results effective execution of the strategy.

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