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You have a website. Do you know what keeps your website healthy and performing on the web?

Let’s do a small quiz.

Q: Main objective of the website?

A: To represent you as a business, as an organization, as a service, as a person, depending on who it is made for.

Q: Purpose of the website?

A: To promote what it represents, attract visitors, build followers, subscribers, in short loyalists, covert visitors into leads and leads into customers and grow the business and the following.

Q: What’s the staple of the website?

A: SEO; it brings traffic, attracts visitors, keeps them engaged reducing bounce rate. With SEO done right, it builds the brand, builds authority and grows business.

If you are a company or a business in Toronto or the GTA and you are looking for a Toronto SEO Expert, Specialist or an Agency, you are on the right page. We not only provide some key criteria to check as the qualifying attributes of a professional and reliable SEO Company or specialist, we also introduce you to one.

What to look for when choosing your SEO Expert, Specialist or Agency?

You may find the following list useful in making the choice for your website SEO.

  • Does your potential SEO Expert rank on Page 1 of Google for any popular keywords?
  • Do they have some strong references of ranking websites?
  • Do they have any recommendations about their jobs?
  • Do they promise ranking fast? Is the promise too good to be true? Remember, it is not an overnight job. You do not want to attract Google penalties and waste good money after bad.
  • Google does not want any website to build backlinks deliberately and it will penalise you for spam. Yet in order to rank, it is imperative that you have back links coming to your website. Ensure your SEO expert does legitimate SEO and is completely transparent with you about the link building strategy.
  • Your SEO expert does not bind you in long term contracts.
  • That if engaged, you will have performance report from your SEO partner at a minimum of monthly frequency; showing link building work done, traffic and rank progress.
  • That your SEO expert is data driven and is ROI focused.

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