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How to get the maximum bang for your buck?

Often low cost website design sounds great. But, it is often misunderstood by buyers of such services. Low upfront cost may seem an attractive proposition. However it could likely lead to a compromise in long term performance and security of the website. And that would cost, or rather it does cost many times more in the eventual arithmetic.

We at ReignSearch in Toronto, have a different take on what translates as low cost. In this article we put such low cost website design into perspective to help decision makers with one of their most significant investments on the web.

As a business that is already established, there are benefits that come with that additional push to a platform that will support your functions and at the same time keep all aspects of operations running uninterrupted. Customers often expect a business to have a means of being reached round the clock and the web happens to be quite the abstraction. With a good, visually appealing and properly designed website, visitors will immediately love what you’ve done; a way of taking your service rendering to a new level.

If done right with the right level of investment securing commensurate returns, this should translate into exceptional ROI.

ReignSearch Web Design Services strongly supports this ROI perspective, where web development costs are treated as an investment. If we focus on the returns on investments, a high ROI definitely condenses costs in comparison with the benefits.

How? Here are a few guidelines that you can use, when evaluating your options and arriving at your choice.

The ROI Perspective of Low Cost Web Design

In making our case for the ROI perspective, we do not go into the nitty gritty details of web site design. We rather focus on the core objectives and rationale for building a website and establishing an online presence for your business; and those are building the brand, its reach, getting traffic and converting website visitors. Our focus is on opportunity cost so you as a business owner does not have to forego the benefits with inappropriate choices.

Content Management and Security

We start with asking if your website is planning for a strong foundation of content management.

Ongoing content changes are necessary to keep your website up to date with the latest news and developments in your business. Keeping content fresh and read worthy is the sign of a website that will continue to attract more and more visitors with the potential to turn into leads and customers. Writing and publishing fresh new content to the website easy and fast without the need for a lot of intervention of technology professionals is a huge reduction in overall cost of the website in the long run.

At the same time, support for any modifications in line with the growing needs of your business should be easily accessible and available. A website that is lagging behind with respect to the development of a business tends to lose potential opportunities.

A secure web site builds the visitors’ trust and confidence. Therefore security concerns need to be handled with an approach of the basic to increased levels of security ranging from online threats like password compromise and hacking to secured online non-commercial and commercial transactions.  You do not want a message like this one pop up while accessing your website –

A website is not just an online portal of a business, it is an extension of your brand. It gives continuation of the user experience from the offline to the online world. In the competition of today such seamless user experience cannot be anything but superlative. For that to happen –

  • Your website needs to be understood by search engines.
  • It ought to publish relevant and fresh content, highlight your latest offerings and showcase your successes.
  • Visitors need to find what they are looking for.
  • Search engines visiting your site need to like and respect it as an authority in its domain.

Remember, to bring the newest and most valued updates to your customers and visitors, you need to keep up with the latest in business development as well as in the industry and publish it to your website. You do not need to empty your coffers to have a strong content management system in place as the foundation of your website platform. 

User Experience

What are the key aspects of providing excellent user experience? You site needs to be responsive, fast to render, easy to navigate and interesting to explore. Technical design needs address these requirements to serve the purpose the website is built for; to attract visitors, leads and customers and make the business grow. You need website design and hosting services that will give you exactly what your customers want.

  • A business website that your customers can reach from a desktop, a tablet or a mobile phone, on a relatively lean internet connection i.e. when and where they want.
  • Hosted you on a platform that ensures your assets are online and active most times. This assures availability and reliability of your website.
  • A website that renders with high speed allows for superior user experience and in turn is ranked well by search engines.

You need a web development partner that is adept at establishing these significant parameters of a well performing website and you will see the benefits only multiply. A responsive and fast rendering website not only gains the trust and likes of your visitors, but also that of search engines such that they rank these sites higher. Superlative user experience translates to Google Rankings gaining traffic and trust.

What is better than high traffic, high brand visibility and effective business growth? Another case for high ROI that dwarfs the costs with the substantial benefits it brings.  

Converting Copy and Data Analysis

As the website is launched and traffic starts, you need to take advantage of the data which flows in the system to better your business practices. With data analysis, you can optimize your efforts for targeting and attracting the right kind of visitors to your site.

Converting copy is the next website attribute that matters after securing traffic to your website. If the copy that is written for your website is engaging, relevant and attractive enough to get customers to work with you or buy from you, what more would a business want? All this not only helps launch your brand online, it begins to strengthen your presence on the web.

Great converting copy spells success and any investment into it is surely worth every dollar spent on content.

We hope the above discussion is comprehensive yet pithy to aid in arriving at a cautious and measured appraisal of any website solutions company, were you to hire one.

At ReignSearch, we have great options to gradually step up your efforts on web site design and build and as make the best of both approaches, low cost and high ROI. If you want to explore ReignSearch as your option for low cost web design in Toronto and the GTA, you can reach us here. We’d be delighted to help.

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