There is more to Graphic Design than Meets the Eye

Shawn Leslie, Product Designer at Digital Telepathy: Good Design Means Never Having to Say “Click Here”

To say that graphic design has tremendous potential, would be an understatement. We cannot but underscore the undeniable eminence that graphic design enjoys in the realm of marketing; specifically the digital space, web and the internet design.

If you look around, you will see design everywhere. Whether it is your morning glass of orange juice, or whether you are looking at the local Canada Day celebrations poster in your neighbourhood or ordering Pizza online, you will see graphic design in every place. Combining ingenuity with strategic thinking, positioning a brand with a visual and merging aesthetics with reason, there is unlimited opportunity for advertisers, marketers and brand evangelists to utilize graphic design in effectively communicating their message.

Popular knowledge about graphic design is mostly limited. To many, graphic design conjures up images be they photographed or designed by an artist.

We tend to agree with bloggers, Troy Olson and Jeff Loquist, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million”.

In the context of marketing, we believe the core purpose of graphic design is to communicate and communicate effectively. Research statistics, by Albert Mehrabian points to only 7% of communication being verbal and 93% non-verbal. While this is largely true in interpersonal communication, you can imagine the effect with visual, graphic and video communication.

There is no denying the abundant bombardment of messages through various media; be it TV channels, Social Media feeds, You Tube, Banners and Hoardings, just the Internet, the list and volume is endless.    How do advertisers grab the attention of its audience, hone and deliver their messages in the shortest possible time span and most effectively?

Ingenuity and strategy, creating effective visuals through graphic design, we believe is the answer to penetrate the noise and make your mark.

We’d rather say this with some of the best visuals we can share with you as we put our hands together to clap for them. For our work, come explore our digital presence online and you will get a sneak peek into what we can do and build for you.

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